Yanahuara, Arequipa’s Little sister

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$35,00 / per tour
Max. Guests
6 Adults / 0 Children

The legendary district of Yanahuara is one of the most representative neighborhoods of the cof Arequipa,next to the city center and is part of the main tourist attractions of our city due to its rich architectural heritage, composed mainly of three declared monuments: the St. John the Baptist Church the point of and the square.

  • Experience: Viceroyal and XIX century architecture
  • Timetable: 09-18 GMT -5
  • Acces: digital platform
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Services included: Virtual experience and guide
  • Remarks: available with 3d viewer
  • maximum capacity: 6 people

Places to visit

  1. Leoncio Prado lane
  2. Yanahuara square
  3. Yanahuara Church (outside)
  4. Yanahuara point o view
  5. Arches of the square of Yanahuara
  6. Yanahuara point of view – plane
  7. Municipality lane
  8. Haunted house lane
  9. Perú lane
  10. Quezada street
  11. Misti street
  12. Cortaderas alley
  13. Av. Bolognesi