Unique sample of the civil architecture of the Viceregal Arequipa

The  importance of visiting this house – museum stands in the fact that it is the only exhibition in the city that allows us to experience a vision of what civil life was like in Viceroyal Arequipa, given that in its condition of home – museum, the objects that make up its sample are precisely the kitchenware, rooms and other elements that make up the house and that largely correspond to the time of its construction, we are referring mainly to the eighteenth century.

Its construction was completed between 1734 and 1735, it was owned by a notable peninsular official, Manuel Santos de San Pedro, from Valladolid, a knight of the Military Order of Calatrava, Field Master of the Royal Army and Mayor of Arequipa, who had carved its blazons accompanied by numerous syncretic symbols on the tympanum of its façade, which has earned it to be considered one of the most beautiful of mestizo baroque architecture.

It is one of the few mansions in the historic center that has maintained its viceroyal appearance, without major modifications that correspond to the republican period and that, in addition, enjoys a thorough investigation of its historical past by virtue of the enhancement and restoration carried out by then Banco del Sur del Peru in the early 1990s. It is currently maintained and protected by Banco de Credito del Peru.


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